Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just because

Just because I felt like sewing, I made Moo this skirt.
It was inspired by a couple of things. One is the rainbow Paula pants that I make (check out my Etsy shop). And the other thing was a skirt my friend, Milly, made. She gave me the pattern, and I was actually going to use it last night, but I didn't have enough material. So instead I just drafted this up and winged it. Not too bad for a first go if I may say so myself! Moo just loves it, so what else really matters?

And just in case you were wondering what the kids are holding in their hands...MY NEW LABELS!!!!
Will's even excited about them!


Claire said...

Absolutely stunning !! The labels look great too - I would be really excited by them too - can't wait to see them on your creations!!

Kirrilee Heartman said...

Sara I am so inspired by the things you create, and I love reading your blog. You have really taught me about the value in persisting with projects until they are 'right'. Love, Kirrilee

monART said...

congrats with your labels!! Hope you need to order new ones soon ;-)