Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jule Hoodie

There is a story about this Jule top. It was supposed to be all velour like the top in a previous post, but I ran out of velour. I was in a huge panic as this top was for an order (thankfully for a friend). Coincidentally I had been eyeing my La Zagala pink poplin as a match for this velour. I've had it for ages, and like all Euro fabric, it takes me a while to decide to cut it. It's like I have to know it's going to be worthwhile or I won't go near it with a cutter. In the end I was so happy with the result. You can see the back here.

I also made another Jule top in purple velour with Ottobre "Jump" pants to go with it. Now I just need to post it to New Zealand.

Last night instead of sewing I made a cake. It was the easiest cake, and it was delish and beautiful. It was the Tropical Crush Cake from Belinda Jeffery's Mix and Bake. I made it in two layers and used the icing with the recipe. Even the kids ate some of it. We went on a play date today. This friend of Moo's live out at Galston which is NW Sydney. They live on a large block of land and have views over the valley. It is so nice and tranquil there albeit cold at the moment. On the way home I stopped at a roadside stall and bought some potatoes. I had no potatoes at home, but was making a beef casserole for dinner which just has to be served with mashed potatoes. Galston has lots of small farms, so you find lots of roadside stalls. In spring/summer there are always strawberries out there. YUM!

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