Saturday, July 12, 2008

Monkeying Around

My best friend had her third child a month ago. I was all excited and embarked on this project right away, so the pants have been sitting around finished for a few weeks, but I just hadn't had a chance to do the top. Well, last night, I did it! I love the outfit, but am not sure the pants are going to fit. They are a size 62 and are very wide. Both the pants and the shirt are Ottobre patterns from 01/04. The pants are made from a Moda sock monkeys print. The shirt is a cotton spandex knit. I hadn't made a lap sleeve tee before, but it was really easy unlike the challenge of making the pants. I put in my first ever fly zip on the pants!

1 comment:

meika said...

I just LOVE that little outfit! SO cute!