Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Cupcakes!

Since Nancy posted on her blog about this pattern, I have been hanging out for Feliz. My trusty enabler ordered it the next week, and then I had to wait a month for it to arrive in Australia. By the time I received the pattern I was full on into preparing for a market then the fair. But now I had the time, and I was inspired by Justina!

I had this cupcake fabric sitting around in my stash and thought it looked nice with the chambray. I also knew Moo would love the cupcakes. On the front of the overdress I appliqued a cupcake to which I sewed on tiny glass beads like 100's and 1000's (sprinkles).

I felt like it took me forever to make this dress, but really it was one evening and part of a day. Sitting there hand sewing the beads onto the cupcake took me a while.

Front of dress
Back of dress
Close up of cupcake applique

Twirling shot


Louise said...

Such a beautiful dress, I just had to buy the pattern when I saw this :)

naomi said...

Just stunning Sara!