Thursday, November 13, 2008

Silk Flannel Blankets

I started to write this post, but then I thought that I should dye some fabric to make some baby gifts then come back and write this post. First I cut the fabric. Then I discovered that I hadn't been paying attention and I cut the wrong fabric. No worries have a plan for other fabric. Then cut the correct fabric. Then set them up to dye. So now as they are sitting, I write this 2.5 hours later.

This style of silk & flannel blanket is one of the first willow & moo items. The first one ever made was for Moo. One side of the blanket is a super soft silk. The other side is nice and cuddle flannel. They are dyed with low water immersion to give that mottled look. I purposefully use pastel colours as it's soothing for babies. These three blankets were made for a woman who had purchased two blankets from me previously. I love repeat customers.

Here's the pink/violet blanket

Here's a turquoise/violet blanket

I also made a turquoise and blue blanket, but I didn't take a picture before I gave it to my friend. I was so excited that I'd finally dyed it.


Xiola said...

Oh Sara, they're gorgeous. The colours and the way the dye is make them look so calming and peaceful, so perfect for little ones :)

Claire said...

Oh I want another bubba just so I can buy one of these - they look so beautiful!