Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To iron or vacuum?

Vacuuming won. The floor is a much better place for it. I was going iron the things I dyed yesterday, but decided if I had to look at the filthy floor one more day, I was going to lose it. I really do prefer to work on my craft, but it had gone on too long. It is amazing how vacuuming the floor can make a huge difference!

Pictures of yesterday's dyeing will be coming soon, but I have pictures from last week when I dyed some organic cotton rib knit and some cotton elastane knit. The cotton elastane knit was an accident, but it was a happy accident. I've dyed 6 pieces, each one the colour of the rainbow. I have an idea for this fabric, but I have to find time. I have a market on Saturday, so I have been busy with preparations for that and custom orders from my lovely customers.

Here's the organic rib knit
Here are some shirts made from the dyed rib knit. I made a couple of shirts for one friend's baby and a shirt and a pair of pants for another friend.

And the cotton elastane knit

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Samantha said...

Sara those little shirts are just awesome! I really do need to take the plunge and sew with knits, you've got me all inspired :)