Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rushing madly

Lately I feel like I've been rushing madly to do all sorts of things. I am not sure if it is a last minute rush to do things before Mollie is on holidays, or if I am just picking up on everyone else's mad rush before Christmas vibes. Overall I don't get fussed over Christmas. I didn't grow up celebrating it with my family. We did Chanukah.

On Thursday I went on a mission with a friend to the city. We just happened to get off the monorail in the same building as Kinokuniya. I declared immediately that we must go! What a beautiful bookstore! I just had to buy a book for myself and a few goodies for Mollie. I have to admit that it's much harder to browse the books when you can't just scan the spine of the book! Will was amazingly patient as he sat in the stroller while I looked over the craft books!

Japanese goodies

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