Monday, December 1, 2008

willow & moo goes West!

All of my current stock has been sent over to Fremantle! My friend, Milly, of Tin Whistle has offered to have some willow & moo creations on her stall at the East Fremantle Festival. The festival is on Saturday, December 7, 1-8pm on George Street, East Fremantle. If you are in the area, go check it out! It looks like a great day for the family.

Other exciting news...we bought the kids a Springfree trampoline.
They are loving it as am I. I'm mostly enjoying it because the kids like it, but I will admit to having a few bounces myself.

I can't have a post without a colourful creation. It was a special request from a customer. I just can't seem to say NO to someone who wants lil ol' me to make something.
You can see WIll modeling it here.


ingrid said...

Oh I am so jealous of your springfree! I wanted to get one for the kids for Christmas but we have decided to put it off until next year.

Yay for the market too. It sounds as though they have some fabulous markets over there.

Gilly said...

Hi sara! Best of luck with the festival...I will be in Perth on Saturday so I will see if I have time to go down and have a look.

xx Gilly

Sara said...

Gilly, I hope you got to go have a look! It would have been lots of fun for me to be there with Milly today.

Ingrid, there's always next year for a trampoline!