Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I hate to iron

but it's a necessary evil for what I do. I can't properly cut out patterns on wrinkly fabric. I am a prewasher of all my fabrics and with my dyed fabrics, I have to wash them multiple times. Because it's not PFD, I have to prewash before dyeing. Then after dyeing I put the fabric through 3 cycles on my machine to ensure the excess dye is rinsed out. I have a front loader, so it's not like I am dumping litres away. Then I tumble dry my fabrics. I don't like the idea that they could shrink later. But all this means I have to iron. And I ironed 30 metres of fabric.

12 metres undyed poplin destined to be fabulously dyed
white poplin

Hand Dyed Poplin in a Rainbow Assortment
dyed poplin 2

More Dyed Organic Rib Knit
no ironing required - oh I love knits!
organic rib knit 2
I stuffed up when I was dyeing the knit and thought I had extra pieces, but I was wrong. The green should have been orange and the purple should have been blue. I think I might dye the couple of pieces of organic jersey I have those colours as I can use the ribbing with those fabrics. This is a reminder for me to look at my notebook instead of assuming that I have extra.


naomi said...

sara, you have been busy! Are these for orders, or are you making things for your etsy store? Cant wait to see what you do with the dyed organic rib knit.

Sara said...

Hi Naomi! It's for my market stall/Etsy.

Kaja said...

Oh! I can't say that I looove to iron, but it isn't that bad. I bought a steam station from www.fairnet.se and they are SOOO god. That means that you can iron up to 4 folds of fabric at the same time. Saves LOADS of time.

Also, I have put my ironing board in front of the TV. So, I schedule my ironing after the TV charts... Tuesday is a good day.