Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random ramblings

I really need to take some photos. I don't like having photos taken, and one thing that I made recently was a top for myself. It's an Ottobre top with pin tucks on the front. It's in black, so the shirt won't photograph well.

I made myself a couple of shopping bags similar to the ones that I made for Will's daycare teachers.

I also made Mollie a Farbenmix Roxy. I love that lines of that dress. I'll write more about that when I actually take a photo of the dress. Mollie wore it the day after I made it and now it's in the wash.

I have a Mamu Katrin cut out and ready to sew for Mollie. I wanted to just test out the pattern.

I also have lots of things floating around in my head. I've been trying to plan things that I will make for the markets and Etsy this year, but at the same time I have lots of things that I want to make for Moo, me or even Will and Col. I have stacks of fabric begging to be made into things and I have rolls of fabric yelling at me to be dyed. And let's not forget about screen printing. I want to spend some time playing with that.

Time, does anyone sell some time? I need more!

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Jetta's Nest said...

Oh gosh Sara, let me know when you track down one of those time-dealers. I could do with a nice big serving of time at the moment :)