Sunday, January 4, 2009

Market Bag

market bag
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I bought this fabric last week at Ikea. I was going to make some shopping bags with it, but then decided to try out my Portabello Pixie Market Bag pattern.

The pattern is quite easy and straightforward. The bag went together quickly. It's reversible, so the other side is the black fabric with an orange pocket. I toyed with making it all orange on the outside and all black on the inside, but in the end decided to mix it up a bit. I figured that if I didn't love it in the end, it's not a huge loss.

I think because it's designed to be reversible there isn't a clasp or closure on the bag. I find this annoying because i feel like my things could just fall out. I am a klutz, so accidentally dumping my bag is a good possibility. I also feel like I need to be mindful about how I am carrying my bag. I don't want to leave it exposed at the back of me. It's not like that it usually a huge issue for me. Maybe it's just top of mind because I spent the morning out with Moo at Circular Quay taking photos of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Then we went to the Rocks Markets.

Overall it's quick and cute. I am going to make some shopping bags with my left over fabric which btw, is Ikea's gunilla fabric. It's a home dec weight fabric and comes in some other nice prints too. At $9/m and 150cm wide I think it's great value.


Jetta's Nest said...

I really like this Sara! I wish I lived near an Ikea so I could look at the fabric there. Have you thought about maybe putting a button on each side with a loop or something on the top of the bag as a closure?

Sara said...

The thought had occurred to me! I am thinking I might just do that. I have heaps of "un'covered buttons waiting to be used!

Hey, if you ever want any fabric from Ikea just LMK!