Friday, April 24, 2009

Busy, busy

Expect my posting to be sporadic over the next few weeks. I am furiously preparing for the Kamaroi Fair on May 24.

Cut Antonia shirts waiting to be sewn. Washed organic cotton/spandex knit waiting to be cut.

pieces waiting to be sewn, tied, dyed, sewn some more. Jule hoodies waiting to be sewn.


Kaja said...

Jeez. You got your workload cut out for you! Could you give me a tip or two of good places to buy organic fabric. I got a very interresting request regarding organic clothes, but really, it it still hard to find organic fabric...

Sara said...

Hi Kaja - I was going to email, you but I didn't see a link on your blog page. I probably don't have one either. The organic knit fabric is from a manufacturer here in Australia. I'd be happy to give you their details, but shipping to you could cost a lot. I haven't started using organic wovens. I don't have a local source and once I tack shipping from the US onto the fabric cost, it becomes too expensive.

You can email me and I can waffle on some more if you want
willowandmoo [at] gmail [dot] com