Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And the other Antonias

I managed to get Moo to model the other Antonias for me.

First one up for your perusal is the Love Bus Antonia. This shirt is going to be a gift for Moo's best friend.

I LOVE this shirt.

I thought Moo needed something she could have that was similar to her friend's shirt, but not the same. So I made her a top with a peace symbol. It's from the same embroidery set as the Love Bus, Love & Peace by Luzia Pimpinella.

The first time Moo saw this shirt she asked me why I made her a shirt with a steering wheel on it.

This last Antonia was influenced by Andrea of Jolijou. Andrea uses blue and red together quite often, and I really like that colour combination. I wanted to use another one of Nic's embroideries, but I thought the design was too dense for stitching out directly onto the knit, so I embroidered onto a piece of gingham. I then sewed that onto the shirt with a decorative stitch and then added some buttons and ribbon. Now before you say, "Oh Sara, you are so clever", I must tell you that I am not. Nic did something similar with her fabbo gnomes embroidery.

I also realised that in my insane state that I didn't say when a winner of the fabric would be drawn. I'm thinking Saturday because even if I did something before then, there is no way I'm making it to the post office before next week. Hopefully I will be able to still do my Monday morning coffees. The cafe where we have coffee is conveniently close to an Aus Post outlet.


naomi said...

These are all fantastic Sara. Oh to be one of Moo's friends and get such amazing handmade clothes! I particularly love the red and blue colour combo as well- that shirt is stunning...as is your model:)

Sarah-Jo said...

oh but you are clever sara so so so very clever!!!

Love the love bus hahaha its fantastic and the steering wheel top is FAR OUT MAN!
the gnome top is beautiful the colour combo is so pretty!

will anything similar be making it into the etsy shop perhaps???
I know a lil girl and a lil boy for that matter who would look fab in a love bus T hahahaaha
and I so want a pair of your rainbow leggings for my lil girl they are unreal!

Snowdrops and Mudpie said...

Yep - I think you're clever too :)

The Antonia's look gorgeous, your colour combo's are always so lovely.

Cass said...

I love these. I especially love the red one. Might have to have a chat at swimming this week!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful work Sara!

Nic said...

they are all freakin cute! LOVE them...

:) nic

Gilly said...

Oh Sara these are amazing as always! Well done :)

Tas said...

oh wow oh wow oh wow! When are you going to start taking custom orders for these?