Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sydney Stitches & Craft Show

I went to the show on Thursday. As you will read on most other blogs, the Incubator was the best part. I concur.

So what did I get?
show haul

A couple of bag patterns and hardware from NicoleM. Nicole was lovely and helped me to pick the right bits for the bag that I want to make. Nothing flash btw, just a little something for the boy.
Speaking of bags for the boy, I couldn't resist a robot tote from Kristen Doran Design. I also spent a bit of time chatting with Kristen who is very nice. We are both fans of Converse.
I also stopped and introduced myself to Justine of MixTape. I subscribe.
I picked up some wool felt from Winterwood. I know the colours aren't my usual colours, but I wanted some things for doing machine embroidery buttons/patches.
I bought some Clear Grip and a 24" clear quilting ruler. I can always use a long ruler!
Some cotton laces. I bought two different ones because I wasn't sure what I needed/wanted for the skirt I was making Moo.

And for Moo a t-shirt with a print from Pippijoe.
pippijoe shirt

I love the print on the shirt, but am not that crazy about the boxy shape of the shirt. I'm toying with the idea of a few modifications.

I bought a 2-day ticket, so could have gone back, but Saturday I was just too tired and today, well, I decided to trace out five different tops from Ottobre for Will. I thought it was better use of time.


Punky's Mamma said...

Ooooh... nice haul!

Peta said...

Ooh you got some nice goodies there. I definitely need to go to the next Melbourne one!

mermaids said...

cute print on the shirt! you could always do this with it:

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

the robot is brilliant! so nice to see your goodies and isn't it great you got to meet some of the ladies behind the blog / name / website. hmmm not sure what clear grip is, might have to google that one LOL.
Five otto tracings, now that is a great effort!

Lisa said...

Love the print on the top, I bought a card for my Mum's birthday in a couple of months with the same print... gorgeous.