Saturday, March 13, 2010

Almost home

Well, we've had a week away at the Sydney Hills Holiday Park. Originally I had some misguided idea that we could live in our house while the floorboards were being done. I was told that it was not possible, so I booked us into the holiday park which is only 5 minutes from school. By the way the floor sanders were totally right. The fumes from the polyurethane could be smelled from outside our house.

We should have been back in the house on Friday except that the floor sanders didn't do a very good job. We think the crux of the problem was a dodgy sanding job, but I'm no expert. I also think they were slack about cleaning/vacuuming after sanding.   I just know how I expected my floors to look.

The finish on the floors was fairly rough and textured with lots of dust and bits stuck in it.

There were spots where it was apparent that they missed a coat of polyurethane.

Spots where it just looks odd like in my kitchen. It looks dull and textured compared to the rest of the floor.

Then stupid stuff like where they hit a skirting board with a sander, but couldn't be bothered to knock it back, so they applied the coating with the skirting pushed out. Could they not see it wasn't right? The photo was taken after I shoved the skirting back into place.
I won't bore you with photos of where they smeared putty on my skirting boards.

So they came back on Wednesday night and applied another whole coat. They wanted to charge us, but no one was going to stand for it (us or the builder)! Then when I checked the floor Friday morning there were still a few bad spots, so yesterday afternoon they were at my house doing a patch job. We can't risk the kids running through those spots, so we are having a weekend in the city while our friends are in Queensland.  Funnily enough I'm about to jump in the car to drive to Galston for a Tupperware party plus the kids can run wild at our friends. Col's being dropped at the house to start moving a few things around.

We can not wait to be back home. We are such homebodies.

If you live in Sydney and want your floorboards done, I can tell you who NOT to use. Just send me an email.


Lou's Mum said...

How disappointing :(

I can vouch for having to move out when floorboards are polished. We did and I'm glad. The fumes killed all our poor fish and we'd put them in the laundry away from the floorboards even!

zofia said...

Oh Sara! What a debacle!
My friend had similar issues with her floors, and felt so bad asking for them to be fixed. Good for you, the end of the road is near :D

CurlyPops said...

You were completely right to complain and get them to fix it. That is a really dodgy job!
I had to move out for a week when we had our floors sanded and polished... you can smell the stink all the way at the end of the driveway!

Cat J B said...

I glad you got them in to fix it, but why would they do such a poor job to begin with? Did they think you wouldn't look? We did it ourselves (while moved out, smart move!) and did a better job than yours did the first time round. It takes pretty perfect sanding and perfect clean up to do a good job.

toadstooldots said...

Hope they fixed it up well yet. What for stupid guys must that be to show you this work (and want to be paid for this again). Hope you can sent them the invoice for the days that you spent in the Holiday Village (from Wednesday to Friday).

claire said...

Oh BUM! What a pain :( I truly hope they can get it looking smick. It definitely shouldn't have dusty bits and a rough texture etc etc.
Good luck settling back in :)

Little Munchkins said...

Oh my, that's just terrible! I hope they can fix it for you, and do it well this time around.

Steffi said...

Oh sara....I agree-that´s just terrible and I hope they can fix it!

lindy said...

Sara how frustrating :( I had some problems with floor people too last of my rooms still has not been fixed. And the mess they left...omg I had inch thick dust on the ceiling fans! (and everywhere below). Hope it is all sorted for you asap.

Claire said...

Oh Sara, here's hoping you are home soon. You would think them smart wnough to do a decent job first so that they didn't have to keep coming back, here's hoping they get it right!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I so feel for you, I wouldn't be happy either.

We have drywallers/plaster's coming in on Monday, wish us luck!!

Gill in Canada

Toria said...

Yep, you definitely need to move out. We stayed at our local pub, just up the road from home, so not too bad.

I hope you get the problems fixed.