Monday, March 22, 2010

My head is spinning

Today I should have a cute picture of my 7 year old.  Yes, my baby girl turned 7!  Tomorrow I will try to get a picture of her modeling her newly pierced ears.  She asked.  She said she wanted it done.  I told her it would hurt and that she'd have to look after them.   She told me it didn't hurt.  She couldn't wait to show her dad the minute he got home.  Will told her she looked beautiful.   

So that is the happy stuff.  The house is making my head spin.  We are close to being done, but there are just these bits that are hanging about which are annoying.   Like we weren't clear that the painting in the front of the house wasn't included in the contract.  Like DUH who wouldn't want the gutted and relined bathroom painted?  And the study walls have all new plasterboard which need to be painted.  I can understand the front hallway and tiny side hallway being an issue as that was something that we changed last minute.   So now the builder wants more money for painting.   And I'm thinking I want an actual painter.  I feel like I want someone who is going to take care to mask bits that need to be.  I'll crack the shits if I find paint splattered on my cedar blinds or my newly installed ceiling fans (see one item that might have been better to go in AFTER painting the ceiling!).   I won't talk about the bits of stain that I found on my countertop.   Thank goodness for my benchtop and Jif (similar to Soft Scrub) because I could make that transgression disappear.  OH wait, there were tiny flecks of stain flicked onto my new kitchen cabinets.   Or the varnish on my brand new laundry cabinets.   Use some freaking masking tape, damn it. 

Yeah, the painter is coming by to give me a quote on Wednesday.   He comes recommended by good friends.  

Unpainted plasterboard which has been set drops dust all the time.  This is exceedingly annoying on my newly polished floorboards.

The a/c man is coming to install my a/c Thursday or Friday.  Of course, this is after summer.  This is after we went through 5 weeks of searing heat with a freaking hole in the middle of our house because we had no ceiling.  Oh and we didn't have ceiling fans then either.

And Friday I found out that we needed to replace our sewer pipe from our house to the mains.  It's done now.  We can crap to our hearts content now with no fear of it revisiting our house or yard.  

My kitchen is mostly good....well, except for my rangehood has decided to make a noise.  I don't think it liked sitting in the shed for 6 months unused.  More money to fork out on a service call.  But my dishwasher is awesome.  I bought a new one because our Whirlpool once it decided it wanted to give us grief, it just wouldn't stop eventhough we tried to do the right thing and get it repaired rather than just chucking it out.  It's an awfully big thing to just throw out.   The Miele is quiet and well behaved like its sister which lives in the laundry.   I really like my German appliances.  They even let me reprogram them.

I think this has been theraputic.  Although I reckon a valium would go down a treat.  If only I had some.    Back tomorrow, I hope with a sweet photo of the bejeweled Miss Moo.


JulieT said...

Happy Birthday Mollie and Sara Hugsssssssssssssssssssss!

Jetta's Nest said...

Happy crapping and valium dreams Sara :)

Happy Birthday Mollie!


SearsCare said...

To Willow,
My name is Brian and I’m with Sears Home Services. I’m sorry to hear about the possible problems with your rangehood. Noises are not typically good and I do hope it is not something significant. If your rangehood ends up needing service and if it’s not covered under any warranties associated with another company, we can help. Our service teams are among the best in the country. Even though you may not have purchased it from Sears, we do provide quality service to virtually any location within the United States and we would like the opportunity to assist you, if you’re considering service on your rangehood. At your convenience, simply contact our office via email at with any questions regarding our service options or to schedule a visit from a Sears certified technician. In your email, please provide a contact number and a brief description of these symptoms you are experiencing with your rangehood, and we will call you directly. In addition, please include this screen name (Willow) for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,
Brian J.
Senior Case Manager
Sears Home Services

Tas said...

My, Sears are quick off the mark, aren't they? Oh, Sara. My sympathies...even though I have to admit to a few chuckles about the sewer. Hope you get it all sorted and happy birthday Moo.

zofia said...

Oh Sara! No!!
It's almost over...(See, I'm still afraid of renovating!)
Happy Birthday to your big girl :D

willow and moo said...

Tas, I know!!! Do you think they come to Australia? PMSL Idiot.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

oh Sara, you made laugh out loud at your Sears comment, how funny! And thanks you Brian J for your entertaining reply.

Amanda - Little Star Designs said...

Adrian said if they allowed to do the plastering then they should have allowed to do the painting! That's just plain weird...does it actually state that its not included?

Valium sounds like a good idea Sara!

Gilly said...

Oh Sara - you poor thing!

Happy birthday Moo! Cant wait to see the ears!

Claire said...

Oh Sara...what a mess... maybe some yummy comforting chocolate instead of valium??

Sears Home Svc said...

My bad. I do apologize for not catching that fact. Typically I check the profile before I post and I stone cold missed it. I do hope your problems get resolved however.


Brian J.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I feel your pain I really do.....I have the workmen in on Tuesday to sand all the attic and our bedroom ceiling, so no doubt there will be drywall dust from one end of the house to the other.

I am doing all the painting.

Gill in Canada