Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another year

Yesterday was one of those "big" birthdays. In some ways it was like a normal days and other days it was special. Mom arrived in the morning from Houston. We had a nice lunch out. And did a bit of shopping. I also made myself a cake. The thing is I have a kitchen to cook and bake in, and I was so excited to be able to do it.

The recipe is from this month's delicious. magazine, Dulce de Leche cheesecake


Here's my cheesecake


And the cool slice shot


I had to make my own dulce de leche. I didn't have time to go find already made dulce de leche, so I made my own as per the recipe by boiling cans of sweetened condensed milk. When I opened the tins and mixed them up, they were slightly lighter than I wanted. So after some thought, I ended up cooking the sweetened condensed milk more in the oven using a bain marie. It worked perfectly. I was totally willing to open two more tins, but thought I'd give this other idea a whirl. I'd actually recommend following the oven method for dulce de leche as you can see how brown your dulce de leche is.

Cheesecake was nice. Rich, so best enjoyed in small slices.

My birthday celebrations aren't over. We are going out for a nice lunch in the mountains on Saturday with Ed & Steve. And next week I'm going out with the girls for dinner.


toadstooldots said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Your cake looks so perfect and like a lot of work. There is no wonder that it turned out yummy.

I wish you some more nice days with your mum and your family and let they celebrate you ;-)

Little Munchkins said...

Happy birthday Sara!

Oh my goodness, that cake looks scrumptious. I can almost taste it!

mermaids said...

happy birthday. i am extremely impressed with that cake. wish i could taste just a morsel...

when are we going to get those star trek transporters so we can just beam around the world in seconds?

Sarah @ ColorKitten said...

Many happy returns! And wow, that cake is stunning! I could give up my Crumbles for that!

Sarah-Jo said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!
much love to you on your special day Sara, your cake is
A M A Z I N G xxx

Cass said...

Happy birthday Sara

Tas said...

Happy birthday Sara! And yummity yum yum (from a cheesecake fan)

Karen said...

Happy birthday Sara, that cake is divine!
I'm guessing you may have joined the 'four oh' club (to which I was recently inducted as a member!), trust me , it's not all that bad.
Hope you have/had a great day.

softearthart said...

WOW!!! A pretty cool cake, cheers Marie

Steffi said...

Happy (belated)birthday to you dear Sara!I hope you had a nice day!Your cake looks sooooo delicious!Yummy!Enjoy it!

The Handmaden said...

Oh wow, that cheesecake looks soooo good! Glad you had a nice day.