Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainbow Raglan v.1

After making that raglan top the other day, I thought I might like to make a rainbow version.  Since I'd want to sell it, I thought I was start with the Farbenmix Zoe pattern.   I've made Zoe before.  I used it as a pj top for Will.  That was when I learned that to make the neck opening narrower to take 1cm off the raglan seams.  So that is what I did when I constructed this top for Mollie. 

I do not like the top around the neckline.   Now I think it's too narrow!  It doesn't lay properly.  
rainbow  zoe 2

As a design note, I also wouldn't use pink on the front as it's hard to see the pink of the sleeve versus the pink of the top.  I think it looks much better from the back where you can see the contrast.
rainbow zoe 3
See how the shirt is bunched up around Moo's neck?  She says she's fine with it, but I'm not.

Her rainbow Antonia (although this one is getting too small!!!) looks so much better.
Rainbow Paula Pants & Antonia - front

I think I might try tweaking the pattern at some point because it must be good.  There are loads of Zoe tops on KlickundBlick.  Or perhaps I wonder if I should have a go at drafting my own pattern?  I have that Metric Pattern Cutting for Children book here.  I'm cool with math and drawing lines. 


cherri said...

Sara - I just love your use of different coloured front and back colours lately!

Your kids are gorgeous and that second shot is straight out of a magazine!

xxoo cherri

Steffi said...

I love your Rainbow Shirt!The colours are so beautiful.Great work.

Tanya said...

Sara, I am reckoning you could do your own pattern and it would be brilliant, there's only so much tweaking you should do! I love the rainbow tops, you're good!