Saturday, June 12, 2010

This and that

My mom often sends me email with this subject.  I thought it was appropriate as I have three different projects to share.  They aren't related, and I couldn't think of a witty title.

First up a birthday present for a friend of Will's.  
Pattern:  Ottobre 01/09 #22
Embroidery:  Supahero by Hamburger Liebe
Fabric is my fave "Stella" cotton/spandex knit in Quattro, Nu Kelly, Orange and Blood Red.

Next I have a couple of jounal covers.  I've made a few of these in the past, but I never sat down and properly calculated the cost of making the covers.  Let's just say that I had a rude shock when I discovered I sold them at a loss!  I've decided that these two covers and matching key fobs are going to be gifts for a couple of MY friends who have birthdays coming up.  I need to be giving more handmade goodness to my friends and not just Will and Moo's friends!

Gnome journal cover.  Embroideries are designed by Luzia Pimpinella and are available at Huups.   Gnomes in love on the front and a lucky mushroom on the back.
gnome journal cover

More great embroideries designed by Luzia Pimpinella.  Same sort of design, denim on the outside and poplin on the inside.  Matroishka on the front and love birds on the back.
babushka journal cover
Do not fear.  The journal covers aren't disappearing from my repertoire.  I am probably going to downsize to an A5 size and only have an embroidery on the front.  Front and back is probably a bit over the top, but sometimes I can't help myself!

And last, but not Imke top make of hand dyed fabrics.  My friend, Nathalie, wanted a top with a star on the front out of my dyed fabric for her son.  It's the same combination that you've seen before, turquoise and orange.  The embroideries are from the Little Devils set by Jolijou available at Huups.
Her son just happens to be one of Will's good friends at preschool.  Will and Dylan have know each other since they were babies at playgroup.  When Dylan was born, we gave him a silk/flannel blanket which was very loved until he lost it a couple of months ago.  Nathalie asked me to make him a new one.  This time I embroidered his name on it.  Hopefully he'll have this one for a long, long time.


Tas said...

Love them all, Sara, especially that first SUperhero number. So has Will absconded with it or will it reach its destination? ;)

zofia said...

So lovely Sara.
Such excellent boys wear!
(does look like it's made for Will ;))

michal said...

These journal covers ate so pretty! and the colors are all so pretty! I am thinking of getting am embroidery machine...

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Love the journal covers but Sara that shirt is "the bomb" how cool and pro looking. Wow, really cool!

Peta said...

Sara they are all gorgeous but I really love the Superhero top! Very cool.

The Handmaden said...

So much to love there, but the colours on your Imke are just marvellous!

Steffi said...

I love them all,Sara!Great work!Very pretty!I´m sure your son love his new Superhero shirt!

Lesley said...

Love them all Sara, fabulous work as always!

Megbud said...

Wow! These are all fantastic, but I especially love the superhero top. What a lucky boy!