Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The evil temptress arrived

And she brought me

peppermint bark
Every time I got an email from Williams-Sonoma advertising their peppermint bark, I kept thinking I should ask V to buy me some, but I'm trying to be good about what I'm eating, so I resisted the urge.  But a good friend knows what you really like!

See!  She brought us this for New Years Eve!


V also brought me a couple of books that I ordered from Amazon.
All Dolled Up - because now that we have two American Girl dolls, I thought we needed patterns, patterns and more patterns.  I have a few ModKid AG doll patterns, but I like having options.

all dolled up
And Metric Pattern Cutting for Women in case I want to get adventurous with sewing for moi.

metric pattern cutting for women

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas.  We are really looking forward to NYE this year, and no, it's not because of the bottle of champagne!  It's because our little group will be together again.  Our friends are here from Chicago, and the other missing piece will be up from Melbourne.  Nothing like good food, good laughs and great friends.


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

What a wonderful friend!!

toadstooldots said...

Nice to have such a good friend. Have a wonderful time together.

I wish you a crafty and exciting new year!!!

The Handmaden said...

Ooh, lucky you, what lovely things to receive. Sounds like you're in for a great NYE - enjoy!

Peta said...

Ooh nice! I hope you have a fantastic NYE!

Kylie said...

Happy New Year - Sounds like you had heaps of fun:)