Monday, December 13, 2010

Playing around with PimpiCUFFS

I couldn't resist buying Luzia Pimpinella's new embroidery design, pimpiCUFFS.

I knew Moo would love them, and I thought they'd make fairly quick and cute birthday presents.  I like to have a few options like this up my sleeve when I am pressed for time.

Mollie chose the Love Chirp cuff.


I stitched it out in the afternoon and then sewed it up that night.  In the morning Mollie found it and put it on. 

She's worn it two days in a row, so it definitely gets the stamp of approval from Miss Moo.


Chantal said...

gorgeous! such a sweet design. You've made it so well.

Tas said...

Love it Sara. I am trying to convince myself that these cuffs would suit 41 (very close to 42) year old women!

♥Fliegepilzli♥ said...

♥ boah, soooooo nice!!!!!!
Lovely!!!!!! ♥

Cass said...

Love it Sara, I know lots of little girls who would love those

Lisa said...

Wow thats gorgeous! Wish my sewing machine did embroidery...