Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick as a Fox

Last night was our last Craft Room for 2010.  We had a Secret Santa, and I needed to make something.   I already had some covered journals made up which I could have grabbed, but I wanted one with Luzia Pimpinella's Florafox.  I was going to embroider a fox onto felt, but something wacky has happened with my Florafox embroidery files.  It has broken up different parts into different thread colours like one side of the whiskers is orange and the other side is turquoise and they really should be dark grey.  The star bits in the pupil of the fox also have gone weird where each side of the star is a different colour.   Based on the picture of the design they should all be one colour. 

So I was starting to run out of time, and I couldn't sort out the thread colours to make sure that the embroidery stitched out correctly.   Then I remembered this blog post.   If you are ever lamenting the fact that you don't have an embroidery machine, look at what you can do with decorative stitches, some fun printed fabric and felt.   Total awesomeness!

florafox journal


Lesley said...

Gorgeous as always Sara!

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...


monART said...

of course this is just stunning! I am working with flora fox on a skirt at the moment, just have to finish the waistband. But as I'm sewing I'm thinking WHAT can I do with all those pretty foxes staring at me on the fabric left over!