Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gossamer Dreams stocking tonight!

I really should have mentioned this a while ago, but with everything going on up in Queensland I've been distracted.  I am a guest stockist with the fabulous ladies at Gossamer Dreams this month.  The theme for January is Eden.

I've created a series of tops using Jolijou's Florierende Frolleins.  I don't normally use these designs on items for sale because they are "stitch heavy" in embroidery speak.  Miss Daisy has just over 25000 stitches.  More stitches = more time = more thread.


These designs also have a lot of colours in the designs and take an hour to stitch out.  That time doesn't include me picking thread colours.  Each design comes with recommended colours, but it is not unusual for me to go through and change colours in the design so that it coordinates with the fabrics that I am using.   Actually it is the norm for me to change the colours!    Because of the extra time that it takes for me to stitch out these designs these tops cost a bit more than the usual embroidered Antonia tops.

Miss Daisy is amongst the flowers on this tunic length Amelie top with a hood.   Size 7/8 (Euro 122/128)

Mollie is a bit over 130cm tall to give you an idea of fit.

Shiva is on the front of an ocean blue colour raglan sleeve top.  The sleeves on this top are a mandala print which was the inspiration to use Miss Shiva.  The Stenzo mandala print is one of my most favourite fabrics.  Gitta has a relaxed, roomy fit.  The top is a size 9/10 (Euro 134/140).


Tulipina just screams for red and turquoise.   This top is the Farbenmix Svenja pattern.  It's a very sweet A-line tunic top.  The top is a size 3/4 (Euro 98/104).  Will is modeling for me and he's a size 110/116 which is why the top looks small on him. 



I also created a dress and a skirt using Farmers Market fabrics. 
An Insa in size 5/6 (110/116)Each panel of the skirt is a different fabric.  The overskirt is trimmed with a ruffle and the underskirt is finished with ric rac.

This skirt was very much inspired by Lola Nova's lovely vintage fabric Insa.

Apple Roxy, size 5/6 (Euro 110/116)



I am also working on some things for an auction that I will have here on my blog as part of the auctions Toni is organising for the Flood Relief Fund.  I'll hopefully have the details of that tomorrow morning.

And a HUGE thank you to Karen who bid on and won the Strawberry Set that I had up for auction at Possum Pouches!


Chantal said...

They're all so great. I love the fabrics, so bright, funky and fun. Good luck for your auction. Am trying to pull mine together for Monday too!

The Handmaden said...

Stunning collection Sara!
Can't help but giggle at Will in a dress!

michal said...

These are all colorgul and pretty! Love them!

Tas said...

Wowsers, girl. What a stunning collection. I think you owe Will big time (and we aren't just talking a lolly!)

Lola Nova said...

It's all so beautiful and the quality is outstanding! I love the tops and that Insa is gorgeous. I am honored to have been inspiration for that wonderful creation of yours!
I love the Roxy, I have the pattern and have been meaning to make it up for ages. Yours turned out so lovely I think I am very inspired to give it a go.
What a talent you have!

Karen said...

You 'do' colour better than anyone I know, amazing combinations.
I love the pics of Will in the dresses/skirts - even when his head is not in the pic I can tell it's him - he stands like such a 'bloke'!
Very happy little girl here with a enw outfit - thanks to you Sara.