Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday season

We are gearing up for birthday season in the house of willow & moo. Within a period of 3 weeks we have my birthday, Will's and Mollie's. Mollie missed out on having a party last year because of the renovations, so this year I promised her that she could have one. The kids decided to have one together which is great for me. Yes, I'll have to prepare a lot more stuff, but it will be only once instead of twice!

I can't remember if I mentioned that I bought a printer. We haven't had a printer in our house for years. This was mainly due to the lack of space. Then it took us forever to buy one because we had to decide what to buy. I bought the printer in January. I love having the freedom to print/scan/copy whenever I want! I used to ask Col to print things for me at work. This was bad because he would know things like I had a Spotlight coupon!

Anyway back to the invitations. I just printed a simple invitation on some white card, and decorated them with my hand carved stamps from Chantal Vincent Art. I adore Chantal's stamps!




And it's almost the 3rd birthday of this blog. Might have to start planning something good for that.


Tas said...

They look very cool Sara.

_Willow said...

They look so sweet! I like the second one best.

My Willow just had her birthday- for invites I just did a water painting, wrote down the details then colour photocopied the whole thing. Easy peasy!

Chantal said...

Wow Sara! They've come up fab! Love the colours you're using. So glad you've been able to use the stamps as part of the party celebrations : ) Hope the day goes really well for you and that Will and Mollie have a ball. C x

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

nice cards, love the stamps.

JulieT said...

Sara they are beautiful! So bright and happy!

Amira said...

I love these stamps! Make very nice invitations.
And I love your blog, it's so inspiring to read.
But I have one question (Being German I'm not a native speaker to English, so sometimes I don't quite catch the meaning of everything):
What does this sentence mean: "This was bad because he would know things like I had a Spotlight coupon!" What is a Spotlight coupon? Is it referring to an Australian store?

Greetings from Bavaria,

willow and moo said...

Thanks everyone!

Willow, that's a great idea!

Andrea, Spotlight is a fabric/craft store here in Australia. From time to time they email out coupons. :)

Anonymous said...

What cheerful stamps! :-)

Lola Nova said...

I love your invitations and Chantal's stamps look amazing!
My girl has a birthday coming up and I am so ill prepared. Still need to figure out a little party and make a dress!
Ooh, and congrats on the upcoming blog birthday too!

Happy birthday to you and yours!