Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm going to

Sew It Together. I know it probably seems odd that I haven't mentioned it yet. Well, if you know me, you would know that I get overwhelmed with crowds. I tend to stick to my friends that I know. I think I've been stressing about going. I'm terrible at making small talk, but at least with crafty people, there is plenty to talk about.

I was in the name tag swap. I made this one for Claire.
SIT name tag

I have to say the colour palette for the name tags was a challenge for me. I am not a big fan of orange, yellow and brown and least of all together. Claire makes the cutest sock owl kits which inspired my choice of an owl for the name tag I am actually thinking of taking my pattern with me to SIT as it seems like a nice little project to work on in that environment. And well, if I get stuck, I can ask the designer herself for help!

I received this beautiful name tag from Nic of Small, Dark and Handsome. The stitching is perfect, and I love the design. Even though they aren't "MY" colours, I think the name tag is very me. Thank you Nic!
my name tag

I have to admit that I haven't been blogging much over the past week. I have quite a few creations to share and a bit of news. Now I must go make dinner.


Peta said...

Gorgeous name tags Sara, you did a fabulous job with the colour combination. Have fun at Sew It Together and then it won't be long until the retreat!

Tas said...

They are both lovely Sara. Enjoy yourself. It sounds great.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

What lovely tags. You sound a lot like me Sara, have fun.

Tanya said...

oh wow, I am jealous! both of those name tags look fantastic, and those wouldn't be my choice of colours either, but the more nametags I am seeing around the place the more it's growing on me.
I went last year to SIT, but can't go this year, which I am pretty disappointed about. I also get abit overwhelmed with crowds- not cause of small talk, more because I get distracted and will be talking to someone and enjoying the conversation but also be hearing snippets of other conversations that I want to be a part of- I have only recently worked this out recently (that that is what I do)- I must seem very rude- my 'real life' friends make allowances I reckon! Anyway Sara, I had some really fantastic, very real and honest and grown up conversations and it was very good for my soul. I hope you have a good day x Oh, I just remembered that nervous walking into a big room filled with people you don't know (who all seemed to know each other) feeling- I found out that they didn't all know each other, they were just really friendly. And you'll meet Kazz (and so I sew blog)who won your charity auction- and she's wonderful!

monART said...

Oh I just luv luv luv both tags! Oh and your intro looks like you've taken it from my thoughts. Lol could've been me writing it :)