Monday, March 28, 2011


This going back to work gig and the kids' party have been occupying most of mental space. I start tomorrow. I'm not fearful of working as I really like the people with whom I am going to be working, and I know what I'll be doing. The thing that is stressing me out the most is how bad will the traffic be driving there. This thought keeps occurring because I will hit city-bound traffic on part of the way there. It's normally only a 15 minute drive, but I don't know how peak hour is going to change that. But really I don't need to stress. If I'm 5 minutes late, it's no biggie!

For the kids' party I need to write a list, so that I can feel more in control.

And to add to this crazy list, I have been tormented by a mouse. We have a mouse in our house, and that cheeky rodent will not get itself caught in a trap. It will not eat the bait. We have the plastic traps, and they are not working. It has had near misses twice (trap gone off, but no mouse), and one time when it escaped from the trap). So I'm going to get some old fashion mouse traps next time I'm at the shops. That mouse of ours is wily and quick, and it is crapping all over my house which is completely freaking me out. And yes, I'm pretty darn sure that it is only one.

I also went to Sew It Together on Saturday.

I don't think I talked much about going because to be honest talking to a bunch of people that I don't know stresses me out. I am really, truly an introvert. I'm not someone who just says that. It's a tested fact that I am. In my usual fashion I chatted mostly with people that I already knew. I did get to meet a few people like Kylie and Karen that I've "known" for a while. I also met the very lovely and bubbly Gillian. And a huge thank you to all of the lovely sponsors of SIT. So many amazing goodies in my bag. And as a door prize I scored a couple of things from Crafty Mamas, a Knippe magazine and a Farbenmix Celina pattern.

I've been sewing. I made some PimpiCuffs for the SIT sample swap which was organised by Cass. The swap was excellent. I got a notebook and pencils from Cass, an Iphone pouch from Karen, a casserole carrier from Donna, a beautiful house quilt from Helen, and a lovely appliqued bag with some gorgeous scraps from Anna.

Oh want to see some? I think I've been reticent to post photos of this jacket. I wanted to love the pattern, but I didn't. Mollie really likes it though. I just didn't find Little Woo very enjoyable to sew. The neck binding was very fiddly, and I don't like the placement of the button loops. And it's not easy to alter the loops if the length is incorrect, and I couldn't figure out how to know how long/short they need to be until the garment is constructed and the loops are sewn in by that point. Sorry I don't have any modeled photos. Moo's been wearing it, and now it's dirty and wrinkled looking like most of her well-loved items.


littlewoo front


littlewoo back


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Sara I hope your first day goes well.

That is such a beautiful shirt, I can see why it is one of her favourites.

Tanya said...

good luck with the traffic and work xx

Tas said...

Sounds like a fun day, even for an introvert. You know that I share your Woo woes. And I used to share your mouse woes. So my sincere sympathies.

Anonymous said...

Aaagh. I'm worried now. I've got little woo on my to do list and if you didn't enjoy it then I've got no chance!
Hope your commute isn't too bad.

Steffi said...

Sounds like a funny day!
The shirt is really beautiful,Sara!

Helen said...

Nice to meet you at SIT last weekend Sara!

Anonymous said...

so sorry you found it to be fiddly, but I'm happy your little moo likes to wear it! Please email me with your suggestions and we'll have a look at applying upgrades to the next printing!