Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back in black

So the Lucy dress was the beginning of me making a bunch of stuff in black.  I've made 3 tops and a pair of leggings.  All black.

I made the Pleated Pia top from Style Arc.  I made this top as a wearable muslin.  I was thinking of using this pattern for another fabric, but after making it,  I'm still searching for the right pattern for my Hilco Fluturi fabric.  Pia definitely fits me better than Lucy.

SA Pleated Pia in black

I also made an Ottobre 303 top in black merino rib knit.  Love this top.  Looks great with some of my lovely brooches.  I would have worn one in the photo, but the photographer was impatient, and I feel lucky to even have these photos.   I was feeling a bit frustrated with the photographer when this photo was taken.

Otto 303 merino rib knit

Then I made another Mareena top in black.  This time I used some embroideries from the Florafox set. 

Florafox Mareena top

I've changed the overlocker threads back to white, so that's all for black now.


The Handmaden said...

Lovely tops Sara, my husband commented on the embroidered one (he's interested in the possibilities of embroidery machines for his art work).

Peta said...

They are all lovely tops Sara. :)

H said...

They are all fabulous, I love the pleated Pia and Flora Fox of course!