Saturday, April 7, 2012

Red wins

Red had the most votes although I have to admit that I also had a leaning towards to white with square detail and the swirly blue.   Today I actually sat down and sewed that red button onto the bag.  I felt it was necessary since I was venturing into the city this afternoon and didn't want to risk spilling the contents of my bag all over the street.  It could happen.  I'm totally unco!

bag w red button

Plus red goes with the new shoes.

Red Naot Sea top
Yup, I have a big foot.

And I love the detail on the side

Red Naot Sea side 2


toadstooldots said...

These shoes are cool and match perfectly with your bag :-)
Have fun in the city!

Cass said...

Meant to say today that I loved the bag and I noticed your great new shoes too

monART said...

TOTALLY delicious shoes, that swirl does it!