Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is there a chill in the air?

Oh I am in love....

A friend commissioned me to make a few tops forher daughter and also to make a Laguna skirt. I gave her the choice of corduroy that I had on hand. The rest was left up to me.

So I made the skirt and had it sitting around for a few days as I was trying to decide how to hem it. Sometimes I like to look at things for a while because the right way just makes itself apparent. So in the end I chose to use purple ric rac to hem the orange floral cord and orange ric rac to hem the green corduroy.

My friend asked me for some pieces of the cord to do a matching applique onto a shirt. I said of course!!! But then I was inspired by the skirt. It just screamed Autumn with the olive colour and deep orange. Initially I was going to buy a t-shirt, but just didn't have time so decided to make one. It's handy having a stash of patterns, and I have to highly recommend Ottobre's Creative Workshop 301! The pattern goes together like a dream. The best part about making the shirt was that I could do the applique onto the front of the shirt before i put it together. So much easier than using a ready made shirt!

Here's a close up of the tree applique. I used some purple cord for the tree and the cords from the skirt for the leaves. I used a straight stitch to stitch on the trunk and leaves, so the edges are frayed. When I did the leaves, I played around with using the BSR on my Aurora. I've had my machine for almost a year and have finally used the BSR (Bernina stitch regulator)!!! It was a lot of fun to use a new gadget.

I just love this tree!!!

I've also been an Antonia making fool!

My sewing machine has been put away for a few days. I have a horrible head cold (thank you caring, sharing children!!!) and must prepare for the onslaught of 5 year olds on Saturday. Fingers crossed Will's nose is acceptable for daycare tomorrow!

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Claire said...

WOW oh WOW!!! First to the skirt & the most GORGEOUS applique top, but then to the Antonias!!! You are just so incredibly Talented!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!