Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sock Animals

I am so lucky to have some crafty friends that I see on a weekly basis. It is fantastic how we each have our own style and inspire each other. My friend, Elka, made these fantastic sock animals. I think they are so absolutely adorable. So when she wanted one of the Antonia shirts for her daughter, I straight up offered to trade for one of these cuties!

Mr. Monkey will be taking up residence here. I couldn't make up my mind, so let the other half decide. He said, "Will is such a monkey, so that is what you should choose for him!"

Now on to other things. I was madly working last week getting ready for the market. I was sewing, dyeing, labeling, blah, blah, blah. I was so focused on getting everything ready that I forgot to take photos of all my new things! I will do that this week.

Saturday was an enjoyable day at the market with my friends.
I had lots of lovely feedback about the items I had there. Mollie was with me from lunch onwards which was trying at times because every few minutes I would hear "Mum, I'm bored." This meant I don't want to sit here, I want to do go down to Big Kindy and jump on the trampoline.


Claire said...

They are truely gorgeous sock animals!! I know how it would have been hard to choose!!

Sarahau said...
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Sarahau said...

Lets try aagin shall we. Im in love with that Elephant! and the Zebra! So jealous that you have crafty friends you see each week!