Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rainbow Confetti

Pretty colours. This is pretty much what I do. I am motivated by colour. These are scraps of fabric from so
me rainbow Redondo skirts that I made. My daughter is always drawn to these bits of fabric. I totally understand the attraction, but I am less than thrilled when I find them scattered through the house.

This is what the skirt looks like when it's finished. It's made from fabric that I dyed. This particular batch of fabric I dyed in the washing machine as an experiment. It came out all lovely and even, but, of course, was then lacking that beautiful, mottled hand-dyed look.

This is the week of market madness for me. I will run around trying to do a zillion things last minute even though it doesn't matter how much or how little that I have. The markets are at my daughter's school. I usually make or dye things to sell at the markets, which is why I made the rainbow redondo skirts. Rainbow is big at at Steiner school.

I also made a couple of Farbenmix Antonia shirts for the market. I absolutely love this shirt. I made one for my daughter and then was compelled to make more.

This shirt pattern MADE me cut into my stash of Euro knits.
A worthy cause, don't you think?

If you are out Dural way, Saturday, March 15, you can find me with the Lorien Playgroup stall at the Lorien Novalis Markets.


monART said...

jay! She has a blog! Nice read Sara and I wish you happy times and lots of crafts to be shared here ;-)

Kylie said...

oh looks great - welcome to the world of blog and good luck at the market!

Sarahau said...

Loving the pics on your blog! esp the scraps. welcome to blogging - keep at it! Dural isnt too far away, but ill be at blommin soccer.