Friday, March 21, 2008

Waiting to emerge

My tied up bits of cloth and dresses made me think of cocoons. Not sure why, but it's like they are incubating. I hang them to dry after soaking in soda ash.

I am usually so caught up in what I am doing I would never think to stop and grab the camera. I am trying to get b
etter about this.

These are my bottles of dyes set up on the table out back. I usually do my dyeing outside. I'm too messy to do it in the house. My last dyeing session was at night, hence the black background in the photo. I've decided that it's easier to do sewing at night than dyeing. But hey, you've got use the time you've got! I always feel like I have so little free time.

I dyed two pieces of silk for blankets, 6 t-shirt dresses
and a couple of pieces of flannel for the blankets. I forgot to take photos of the dresses before I went to market ,and I sold my favourite rainbow stripe one. I was really happy with this heart I tied.

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