Monday, April 21, 2008

All about moi!

My darling husband always tells me that it's not about me. Well, this time it is. I made a couple of things for myself. I made myself a top, Simplicity 3768. It went together ok, but I've decided I just don't like the directions. I prefer Ottobre's instructions. I prefer the way Ottobre fits. I did add a bit in length because I hate it when my shirts are too short. I also used the 3/4 length sleeves from another shirt in the pattern. I do like trumpet sleeves, but they bother me when I am trying to cook. Enough waffle, here it is...
Then I made myself the Amy Butler Chelsea Tote. I made it from Amy Butler Pink Henna Paisley on the outside and pink corriander on the inside. I made it to carry around books or different crafty bits. I thought it would be more stylish than a green bag. I had my local model demo it for me.
Here's the inside fabric. Please ignore the dodgy handle. I used a relatively thick interfacing and didn't compensate for it. when cutting the handles.
And it can also be used as a hat

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Claire said...

Oh Sara, that bag is just gorgeous or is it just a colourful chefs hat :) !!!
And love your top - it is nice to make things for yourself for a change isn't it???