Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sweet as Cherry Pie!

Crafty Mamas is having a competition for best Euro inspired project. I just couldn't resist coming up with something for the comp. I usually don't have the time, but I am done with orders and don't have a market until next month. And the prize is a good motivator!

I really should have taken a photo of when I pulled out the stash looking for just the right thing to use. My bed looked like a fabric shop! I don't think DH was impressed, nor should I be reminding him how much fabric I do have!

For the outfit I used Ottobre's Creative workshop 301 t-shirt pattern. It's just a great basic shirt. I used a cotton spandex rib knit that I had around and appliqued cherries to the front of the shirt. The sleeves and hem have been finished with a lettuce edge.

For the skirt I used Farbenmix's Insa skirt. I've had this skirt pattern for a few months, but hadn't had a chance to try it out. The cherry fabric is a super soft and lovely corduroy from Robert Kaufman. I bought this fabric from a co-op in the US not knowing what i would do with it.

The under skirt is a red corduroy that I bought from Spotlight on the clearance table last year. I bought it with the intention of making Will some pants, but now that won't happen as I only bought 1 metre of that fabric and most of it is gone now.

Here's a close up photo of the skirt. The bottom of the under-skirt is trimmed with pink ric rac and green ribbon with white dots. Where the yoke joins the skirt a red grosgrain ribbon is sewn on. The red ribbon has a white running stitch along each edge.

After I made the skirt and Mollie tried it on. I thought it would look good ruched along the seams of the overskirt. This is actually something that is done with this pattern and is in the instructions. I took the skirt from Mollie and put the ruches in. Well, Mollie declared she didn't like it at all as it made the skirt poofy. So I ripped them out. The customer is always right. Right?!?!?!!?!


Claire said...

Sara do you ever have a bad sewing day??? This outfit is so DEVINE!! Fingers crossed for the comp for you!!

Sara said...

Claire, I really try not to sew unless I feel like and I am not tired. If I don't have my sewjo then forget it.

curls said...

Sara, that fabric is just beautiful and I love the style of the skirt!