Saturday, April 12, 2008

Love Olivia

I just love the Olivia pattern by Farbenmix. I have made the underdress a dozen times. Mollie just loves the Olivia. It's girly, has a great hood and makes a perfect playdress. This one was made with from a gorgeous floral frottee fabric that I bought from Banberry Place. The long sleeves and hood are a lime colored cotton/spandex. I put patches of the frottee on the sleeve and hood. The sleeves are a faux layered look which almost didn't happen since I lost one of the short sleeves which I cut out and I had so little fabric left. My sewing angel must have been looking over me as I was able to find just enough to get another sleeve cut.

I also decided that I would try to make friends with my cover stitch machine. I was able to get it to work to hem both sleeves, but couldn't get it to work again to do the hem on the dress. I have looked at some of the things I did when I first got the cover stitch, and I think Will did something to the machine when it was in the cupboard as i can't get the stitching that nice again.

Mollie insisted on wearing this dress to school two days in a row because she likes it so much. I'm a pleased mama.

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Claire said...

Sara, the colour mix is just DEVINE!! I love the Olivia too! FABULOPUS Job!!