Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm married to the voice of reason

It's officially 12 years today. It's been a great 12 years and even when he tells me that I can't possibly be thinking of going to the US when we need the money for our house extension, I know he is right. It doesn't make me stop plotting of ways to come up with the money. Really I should just blame my friend, Andrew. He's the one who told me Qantas was running a special where kids fly free if you pay for an adult. AND on top of that the flight prices to LA are awesome!'s the BUT...the exchange rate is just plain awful, and I wouldn't be able to shop. I would have to be careful about how much money I spent. I hate that. I think I was spoiled because last time we were in the US the exchange rate was around 90cents.

I must stop watching Rage. It's taunting me. Playing songs that remind me of my youth or at least make me giggle. They played Fight the Power by Public Enemy, and it reminded of me when my friend Brian put my clock purse around his neck ala Flavor Flav. I promise I will go to bed after Pet Shop Boys are on. It's Opportunities which makes me smile.


Peta said...

Happy anniversary!! Must have been a great day to get married, it's ours today too. :)

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary to you too Peta!!! :-)

Gilly said...

Happy Anniversary!

I smiled when you mentioned Flav! I watched his cheesy show on Foxtel last year - oh Lord what a train wreck.

Thanks for the comments re the tag - isnt he a wizz. He made them out of my logo for my store.

Hope you have a great day
xx Gilly