Monday, February 2, 2009

Rainbows, rainbows everywhere!

Yes, I dye a lot of rainbows. I like rainbows. I love the way the colours go together. Most little girls that I know love rainbows. Moo goes to a Steiner (Waldorf) school, and rainbows are big there.

There was the pile of hand dyed cotton/spandex knit. It was an accident, but from it has come....
Rainbow pieced sleeve Antonia
Rainbow Paula Pants & Antonia - front

Close up of sleeve
Rainbow sleeve

Pieced Rainbow Olivia
Olivia pieced from hand-dyed fabrics

In the photo of the rainbow sleeve Antonia you can see Farbenmix Paula pants. Mollie is wearing her second pair. She had outgrown the first. I also make them for my Etsy shop and market stall. I don't make them very often as they take me a while to make. The photo of the rainbow pants and top is a bit OTT, but I wanted to take some photos and I needed to photograph both items. Check out Moo doing some poses. *giggle*

Side View
Rainbow Paula Pants & Antonia - side

Back View
Rainbow Paula Pants & Antonia - back

Metallic wavey hem
silver wavey hem

Totally NOT rainbow, chocolate faced tiger boy
Chocolate-faced tiger boy


Kaja said...

I am really not that into rainbows, but with such lovely clothes, anyone can change their opinion. Right??

Gilly said...

sara I love it...I really need to buy some of your dyed fabric off you - Lainey would look amazing in those colours :)

Sarah said...

same here, I usually don't like rainbow stuff but these are adorable! I especially love the olivia!

naomi said...

Great poses! I especially love the antonia top. You will have to let us know when you restock your etsy shop:)