Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lots of legs

Just quick update on leggings. They are drying. To dye my rainbow leggings, I soak them in soda ash then let them dry. This helps to keep the colours from running. I am not against colours mingling, but with yellow and green it's a real issue. If too much green runs into yellow, you lose the yellow. For some reason the green always wants to take over. It's bossy, I think.


I will start dyeing tomorrow after my visit to the dentist. I'd much rather be dyeing, but my crown needs to be done. I hope to finish dyeing this weekend. The veranda on which those leggings are drying will soon be gone. The bank has FINALLY paid the builders the deposit. YEAH!


Yvy's said...

thats a LOT of leggings!! :P

toadstooldots said...

what a funny picture.

Congrats that your renos can starting. Good luck.

Tas said...

Definately a production line of leggings happening! Amazing how they will look once you have dyed your magic.