Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spring has sprung

And I've started making some tops for my boy. I think Miss Moo is a tad bit jealous, but she gets plenty of good stuff. I think she's already forgotten about the Antonias that I made her!

First up we have Ottobre 03/06 #26. The top is made from "Stella" cotton/spandex knit in lime and azure. I used the cool Affenbande embroidery by paulapue.
otto 03/06 #26

Close up of the monkey buttons because they are so cool. We have the prince, the devil and the punk.
monkey buttons

I used the gnome monkey on this Ottobre top. It's from 02/05 #20, color-blocking t-shirt. I've used "stella" cotton/spandex knit for this shirt too in lime, ecology and royal blue. I made this shirt in a 110 although Will is a 104. A few of the tops I wanted to make him started at 110.
otto 02/05 #20

Check out my cheeky gnome monkey!
gnome monkey

Next up we have a couple of shirts from 03/09.

I made the Jungle t-shirt #24. The fabric on the body of the shirt is a cotton jersey from Spotlight. The lime accent is, of course, stella knit. Yes, I do have a stash of this fabric because I love the colours, and it's Australian made!
otto 03/09 #24

And the "London" polo shirt #27. The body is Chez Ami knit that I've had in my stash for ages. The navy and lime are stella knit. This was my first v-neck experience. It's ok, but not perfect!
otto 03/09 #27

Yes, his face and his shirt are dirty! He wore the shirt the day before, but I didn't get a chance to photograph it then. One day I'll learn to bring wipes outside with me, so I can clean his face before taking photos. Moo had to be in a photo with her brother plus we know Grandma looks at the blog, and she will like this photo.

And I can go on a sewing spree without a Farbenmix pattern thrown in. It's Imke again. And our favourite Little Devils embroidery by Jolijou.
Spring/summer Imke

I'm happy to say that all shirts fit Will. He likes them all, and I didn't buy any fabric to make them! Woohooo for stash busting!


Suzanne said...

Oh wow oh wow!!!!!!!!!! They are all fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jelous to the person who scores your hand me downs - LOL

PS. Indi fits in the top you sent us :) Its big but hey, it fits - LOL

Sara said...

That's great Suzanne! Better too big than too small! :)

Carolyn said...

Love your work Sara! They look ace! Geepers Will seems to have grown up a lot since the last photo!

Jetta's Nest said...

Sara, do you know how good these shirts are?

They are freakin' great! I think you might be the best knit fabric sewer I know of.

Tas said...


naomi said...

oh wow, I am so impressed!!! Hurrah for stash busting indeed:0)
I like the neckline on the London polo, very smart.

cherri said...

Like I said before Sara - these are absolutely fantastic!! I a m blown away. They look beyond professional

Did they take very long to put together and how do you find working with the Stella fabric?

Will and Moo are gorgeous btw. That is a great bro/sis shot! to check what t-shirt patterns I've got...

Claire said...

As everyone else has said Sara these really are amazing! My favourite would have to be the curved fabric t, but they really are fabulous! And hasn't Wil Grown!!!

zofia said...

soo gorgeous Sara!
Colour blocker is my fav. too.
Those are wonderful pics of the kids :)

The Handmaden said...

They all look fantastic, lucky Will! I particularly like the Ottobre tops.

Mollie's leggings are just gorgeous.