Friday, September 25, 2009


The backyard

This is after consultation

DANGER! Stay out of our yard!

Farewell red kitchen and vile tile counter top! There is no going back NOW!!!

That's all for now. BOTH of our camera batteries need to be charged!


cherri said...

Cool Sara - can't wait to see the outcome of all this mess!

Tas said...

Sniff. Gonna miss that kitchen! But at least you have real dirt for the kids to play in. When we renovated, we had red clay...I still have nightmares!
How exciting!

zofia said...

Wow, so exciting, bet Will is having a good time!

Liz said...

So cool! Bye-bye kitchen! I am sure you won't miss the kitchen (judging by the words used to describe it lol)

Kat said...

woo hoo!! congrats!! can't wait to see the end result.

Snowdrops and Mudpie said...

Ah, the fun begins. Now perhaps, you shall feel some of my pain :)

Carolyn said...

typical tradies- staning around doing nothing ;)