Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun stuff

pompom trim

This pompom trim arrived in my mail last week.  It had/has a purpose.  Not all of it at once, but bits and pieces here and there.  Unfortunately I can't show you just yet as it was used on something I made for a craft swap.  I am hoping that my items arrive soon because I'd like to share. 

This week I am doing some dyeing.  Some for me and some for school.  The dyeing for school I am finding a bit daunting.  I am dyeing a 10m x 280cm piece of fabric into rainbow stripe.  Working with such a big piece of fabric is stressing me because I don't want to mess it up.  It's not mine.  I guess worst case scenario, I grab my roll of poplin and dye that up if I stuff up!   Our school fair is coming up on September 4th.

And I thought I would mention that I have a few rainbow redondo skirts available (2 in size 5/6 and one size 7/8).  I also have some rainbow sleeve Antonia tops  (one in each size 3/4 - orange front, 7/8 - green front, 9/10 - purple front).  The links in the photos are tops that I've previously made.  The newer ones have a bit more colour.  I haven't managed to take photos for Etsy, but I am happy to take photos or measurements for anyone interested.  You can contact me via my email address in my profile. 


cherri said...

I haven't seen that stuff for years. I especially haven't seen it in anything other than black and white!

nerines said...

Oh those pom poms are pretty!
And wow that really is a massive piece to dye and I'm sure you won't stuff anything up all your work looks great! :)

Tanya said...

oooh, I wonder what those pom poms have turned into!