Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Share your Crafty Passion Swap

Over on Crafty Mamas our July swap was about sharing our crafty passion.  The recipient of my crafty creations was Carolyn.   It was good having Carolyn because I know her, but I will say she didn't make it easy on me.  I asked her if she wanted me to make something specific for her, and she said surprise me!

So if you hang about here enough, you know my crafty passions/interests are sewing, dyeing, embroidery usually with a Euro influenced style.

I made two things...
a strip pieced rainbow covered journal with Luzia Pimpinella's Love Bus.
(the journal in this photo is another one I made at the same time)
rainbow journals
I also made two "plain" rainbow covered journals to donate to the school craft stall.

I then made a bunting from Luzia Pimpinella's Love my Sweet Home embroidery set.   I used some Farmers Market fabric because I like it, and I know Carolyn likes it!

It was really hard to get a good photo of the whole bunting.
Check out those pompoms!  



Tas said...

Wow oh wow oh wow. Wish I was Carolyn... :)

nerines said...

They look amazing!! Gorgeous colours and print! I thought I recognised those pom poms, you've found a wonderful use for them:)

Cass said...

They look great Sara

cherri said...

Awesome Sara - Carolyn will be wrapt.

What is the striped fabric you have used for the string of the bunting? I love that.

In fact I love how you have thrown together 10,000 colours, fabrics and embroidery designs and they look in harmony - you are too clever!

The Handmaden said...

I saw these on Carolyn's blog, no wonder she's so pleased, they're gorgeous!!
Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get you as a swap partner one day!

Carolyn said...

suprise :)

I tell you what, over the moon doesn't comes close to how delighted the kids and I were to see what you had made for us! Thank you so very much!

The boys were very impressed (even tho its in the girls room), Ellise came out with a massive grin "thank you mum!" and Lily was skipping! And I have put the key fob and journal to good use!

Thank you again!

Amanda - Little Star Designs said...

that is truly beautiful Sara, love it

Claire said...

This is gorgeous bunting!! You really have a eye for putting fabrics together. BEAUTIFUL!!