Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yesterday's mistake

is today's design feature.

hilde closeup
As you can see, the birds on the fence are sewn onto the top as a patch.  I had embroidered a top front, but the fence was ever so slightly askew.  So I cut the embroidery off of that piece of fabric and cut a new shirt front.  I prefer this version instead of what I had orginally planned.  Nicole of Jang Design does this frequently on the tops that she makes.  I love the effect of highlighting the embroidery.
These tops are for my friend's daughter.  My friend came over and picked the colour of the body of each shirt.  She also really liked the red/white polka dots.  She left the rest to me. 

hilde birds on fence
peace antonia
Light blue top
pattern:  Farbenmix Hilde
fabric:  Stella in ecology, Hilco's prillie knit, and a touch of Stella in lime.

Pink top
pattern:  Farbenmix Antonia
fabric: Stella in girl pink, Hilco pink rayure, Stenzo estio lindo, pink/pink strip campan for the neck

Next up in the sewing queue...rainbow redondos, so if you've been waiting, they are coming...really they are!   Which reminds me, I should take a photo of some of the rainbow sleeve Antonias that I made last week.


Lesley said...

Gorgeous Sara!!!

toadstooldots said...

Both are fantastic!!!

Cass said...

Love them Sara

Tas said...

Love then both. Stunning!

cherri said...

sooo pretty - you are the Antonia queen!

The Handmaden said...

I'm not usually a fan of bluish colours, but the first top is fantastic, the patterned fabric balances it out beautifully and I love the embroidery.

Mariette said...

Wow, I love those shirts!
Beautifully made!

Steffi said...

Great shirts,Sara!I love the embroidery design on the first shirt !