Saturday, February 5, 2011

Been dyeing, again!

Towards the end of last year I'd run down my stock of hand dyed organic cotton/spandex knit. This is the fabric that I use to make rainbow sleeve Antonia tops and rainbow Olivia dresses (and whatever else my mind dreams up). So this week I dyed some fabric.
rainbow organic stella knit

This time I used a bit more dye to get slightly deeper shades. The photos is deceptive as the colours are richer and deeper in person. I dye my fabrics in a bucket with minimal agitation as I like the hand-dyed mottled look on these fabrics. If I wanted a solid even colour, I'd use my washing machine to dye them.

I also dyed some spandex French terry. I like to use this for Imke tops.
hand dyed french terry

This batch is deeper in colour than the French terry that I dyed last year. I really like this fabric for pull over style tops in cooler weather. The spandex gives it a nice stretch and helps the fabric retain its shape. French terry has a smooth knit side with loops on the back.
french terry close up

Will is definitely in need of an Imke. He's outgrown his other ones.


Tanya said...

very productive. I have just bought the Imke and Antonia patterns but haven't been out of their packets yet. I made an 'Anna' dress today and really liked it- unfortunately Annie thought it abit too apron like... she's not that into dresses.

Tas said...

Glorious colours as usual Sara. I like the stronger tones. Dyeing fabric was on my "to do" list for 2010...carried over to 2011 :p

Carla said...

Those colours always look so happy when they are together like that, how can you bear to separate them? Maybe thats why your Rainbow Redondos are so heavenly, because the colours are so happy to be together LOL.

SpiralStone said...

I LOVE the clothes you make with these beautiful rainbow colours. Looking forward to seeing what you create next :)