Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ooey Gooey Yummy!

Yesterday Ed came to visit. Ed and I have been friends since uni. I always think that I'm a very lucky girl because one of my very best friends lives in the same city as I do even though I moved half way around the world.

Moo has been playing with our old digital camera again. She took this photo of Col, Will, me and Ed.
col ed will me

Since we were having a visitor, I thought I would bake something special. On Friday I had a shopping day to restock chocolate, cocoa and spices. When I was at Herbie's, I bought some cassia because as I discovered, cassia is the spice that I most strongly associate with "cinnamon". I really wanted to make something with it, so I searched the King Arthur website for a cinnamon roll recipe as I thought I'd seen one in a blog post. I looked through the cinnamon roll recipes and found the one that had the best reviews.
(photo taken by Moo again)
cinnamon buns

I have to agree with the reviews. The cinnamon buns were excellent. Exactly what I was after, and I found the dough easy to work with. Although I did have to add a bit of extra flour to get the consistency just right. I should add that I used 2 tbs of cassia and 1 tbs of cinnamon. If you are after ooey gooey super yummy cinnamon rolls, I can recommend this recipe.

Yes, that is a little Lego man in the picture.

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You had me at "ooey gooey"...