Friday, June 5, 2009

All the pretty colours


Call me insane. I dragged both of my children to E & M Greenfield. Greenfields is an old school trade sort of place. It's not like Spotlight. They were surprisingly tolerant of the children. No one scowled at them, and a lovely lady offered them biscuits. I was let loose at drawers of Isacord.

As a testament to my superior parenting skills, I bribed my children to behave with hot chips for lunch. It was mostly successful. Any time Will started to get unruly, I said, "you want chippies for lunch?". He calmed down and got back to his task which was holding the box full of threads.


Tas said...

Hee, hee; I did something like that when I got my overlocker and came back with a squillion colours of thread. However that was at SL and wasn't child friendly. They look brilliant Sara. Your creations are about to step up a notch methinks! Have fun.

Peta said...

Ooh pretty, can't wait to see what you come up with! LOL at your chip bribery, lollipops are the standard bribe with my kids.

toadstooldots said...

super nice range of colours have you picked up. need some too. Can I shopping there without an ABN?