Friday, June 26, 2009

For others

Just thought I'd show off a couple of things I've made for other people. I didn't get a chance for Moo to model the top before the customer picked it up. I basically finished the top, and the customer picked it up the next day.

The specifications of the top were a hood like his sister's dress (a Farbenmix Olivia) and a rainbow across the front. The boy's favourite colour is green. I'd originally suggested an Imke to the mother, but her son was quite fixed on the Olivia hood, so I ended up merging the two.

rainbow imke

The main part of the shirt was dyed with green and turquoise. I really like the combination, and I think you will be seeing more of it. In the past I've had the yellow halo out from the green which is annoying. This is because green is not a pure dye colour, but has to be made from a mix of yellow and blue.

I also made this shirt. I didn't take a photo of it before sending it to its happy home. Thanks Sarah!

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naomi said...

beautiful colours Sara! These hand dyed shirts always amaze me.