Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm sick and other bits

Moo was really sick a couple of weeks ago. I am convinced that she shared with me although Col says that I've probably picked up a different bug because I don't have a rash like Moo did. Yesterday I spent all day in bed with a 39C fever. This afternoon I saw the doctor who has confirmed that I have a horrid throat infection, enlarged glands and inflamed ears. It's antibiotics for me. At least I will be feeling better in a few days.

In the lead up to my illness, I sewed some flannelette pillowslips for Mollie's class. Another mum was going to share the sewing, but her son has been sick, so I just did all of them. No photos of those. It's not that exciting seeing 35 white flannel pillowslips, but it will be exciting once the children paint them. They will paint them with dyes and each child will have a special cuddly item to take with them to Winter Festival. This is the first year the children go to Winter Festival. Children from big Kindy (Moo's class) through year 12 all go away one night. Each child makes a lantern for the lantern walk that they will have in the evening. It will be the first night that Moo has been away from both me and Colin in her whole life. I hope it will be super special for her.

My dyeing has been halted by this rainy weather. I finally brought the bits inside, so they will dry out, and I can dye them. If you have a rainbow redondo skirt coming your way, this is the hold up! (and me being sick)

A post with no pictures is not very exciting, so I will share some WIP's. On Sunday I got out the embroidery module and went to town. Initially I had planned to do the two apple appliques, but then kept going.


Then I decided to make some buttons to cover some holes in my jeans.

But that wasn't enough. I decided to rip open the legs of these jeans and add some embroidery

More to come with the jeans.

All of the embroidery designs are by the very talented Nic, of Luzia Pimpinella, and can be purchased at Huups.


Sarah-Jo said...

sorry to hear you are so sick hopefully it will pass quickly
I simply LOVE the jeans they are so story book-sweet!

toadstooldots said...

Poor thing! Get well soon.

Your Jeans is great, want to see this on you - if you are better.

Jetta's Nest said...

Oh Sara, you poor love! I hope those pills kick in real quick and help you fight those nasty bugs!!

That's a full on thing that Moo stays away for a night. It's a very big deal and I'm sure it will be a special memory for her.

Finally...I love your apples and embroidery thingies. I want one of those fancy machines!!

Take care :)


Karen said...

Poor you - I hope you are back on your feet soon Sara.
That pixie silhouette embroidery is adorable!

Anissa said...

Sorry you have been sick!
Love the apples!