Friday, September 25, 2009


The backyard

This is after consultation

DANGER! Stay out of our yard!

Farewell red kitchen and vile tile counter top! There is no going back NOW!!!

That's all for now. BOTH of our camera batteries need to be charged!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We love SummerLove!

A while back I purchased the Farbenmix e-book SommerLiebe. It's the kind of pattern that I could have drafted myself, but I like to be able to just grab a pattern and make something. I am all about the making. So much so, that I was just possessed to make this skirt yesterday. It was all cut, embroidered and sewn yesterday.

SummerLove skirt

The fabric is the easily recognisable paisley print from Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market.
The knit on the waistband is some of my hand dyed organic cotton/spandex. It was the best match that I had here. That green in the paisley print is an odd green.
Because of that odd green, I couldn't use my Farbenmix Love & Peace ribbon which would have matched the embroideries. Instead I used this multicoloured ric rac from The Remnant Warehouse. The blue and green in it look great with the skirt. I then used a pink paisley ribbon and the flower mandala sparkle ribbon.

Once again I've used Luzia Pimpinella's Love and Peace embroidery set. Mollie really liked the Love Bus Antonia top that I made for her friend's birthday, so I wanted to use the bus on the skirt. But silly me didn't plan ahead and had already sewn ribbon onto the skirt. I was worried if I hooped the skirt where the ribbon was, it might mess up the ribbon. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out the Eco Felt that I had bought for embroidery.

I bought Eco Felt as it was the only polyester felt that I could find in the US or Australia.

I am normally a wool felt all the way kind of girl, but I didn't think wool would hold up to repeated washing. I had noticed that quite a few ladies in Germany used felt for embroidery backing, so I asked the lovely Andrea for some advice. Unfortunately I couldn't find the denser felt that she uses, but thought I would try out the Eco felt. It definitely needs stabiliser.

And of course, we need a photo of Mollie and Will. You can see the skirt and top together in this one. Will was not being cooperative even though he was insisting that he wanted to be in the photo.

Lots of legs

Just quick update on leggings. They are drying. To dye my rainbow leggings, I soak them in soda ash then let them dry. This helps to keep the colours from running. I am not against colours mingling, but with yellow and green it's a real issue. If too much green runs into yellow, you lose the yellow. For some reason the green always wants to take over. It's bossy, I think.


I will start dyeing tomorrow after my visit to the dentist. I'd much rather be dyeing, but my crown needs to be done. I hope to finish dyeing this weekend. The veranda on which those leggings are drying will soon be gone. The bank has FINALLY paid the builders the deposit. YEAH!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Will wearing Milo

Be careful what you say because before you know it, you will get what you asked for. Over on Crafty Mamas there was a Milo knit-along. I just happened to mention that I'd like a Milo for Will, and the next thing I know I receive a message from my friend, Peta, offering to knit one for Will.

In Woolganics Chili Pepper and with the owl cable.
will's milo

And photo of both kids for my mom...
Mollie & Will

Thank you so much Peta!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

I made for Will and Moo's daddy his favourite dessert.

creme brulee

I use this recipe from Bon Appetite. I omit the ginger for a classic creme brulee. And if you notice this recipe has a 96% would make again rating, and 213 people have rated it, so I must not be the only person who really likes this recipe. I actually have this issue of Bon Appetite on my shelf. I've subscribed for a long time now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Want some rainbow legs?

In the next few days I am going to cut a pair of leggings out for a custom order. I thought I'd put the offer out there that if anyone wants a pair to let me know by Saturday midnight. If I am going to dye one pair, I don't mind doing a few more.

90% Organic cotton/ 10% spandex knit. Dyed with fibre reactive dyes. There is a size 9/10 in my Etsy shop, so if you need that size you can find them there. I can make size 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 or 7/8. $25 + postage.

What?!?!?!? She's doing custom orders? Well, here's the deal. If someone asks me to make something, I put it on a list, and when I get time during the chaos then I will make it up, so I can't give an exact delivery date. Email me if you want something in particular, and we can discuss!

Spring has sprung

And I've started making some tops for my boy. I think Miss Moo is a tad bit jealous, but she gets plenty of good stuff. I think she's already forgotten about the Antonias that I made her!

First up we have Ottobre 03/06 #26. The top is made from "Stella" cotton/spandex knit in lime and azure. I used the cool Affenbande embroidery by paulapue.
otto 03/06 #26

Close up of the monkey buttons because they are so cool. We have the prince, the devil and the punk.
monkey buttons

I used the gnome monkey on this Ottobre top. It's from 02/05 #20, color-blocking t-shirt. I've used "stella" cotton/spandex knit for this shirt too in lime, ecology and royal blue. I made this shirt in a 110 although Will is a 104. A few of the tops I wanted to make him started at 110.
otto 02/05 #20

Check out my cheeky gnome monkey!
gnome monkey

Next up we have a couple of shirts from 03/09.

I made the Jungle t-shirt #24. The fabric on the body of the shirt is a cotton jersey from Spotlight. The lime accent is, of course, stella knit. Yes, I do have a stash of this fabric because I love the colours, and it's Australian made!
otto 03/09 #24

And the "London" polo shirt #27. The body is Chez Ami knit that I've had in my stash for ages. The navy and lime are stella knit. This was my first v-neck experience. It's ok, but not perfect!
otto 03/09 #27

Yes, his face and his shirt are dirty! He wore the shirt the day before, but I didn't get a chance to photograph it then. One day I'll learn to bring wipes outside with me, so I can clean his face before taking photos. Moo had to be in a photo with her brother plus we know Grandma looks at the blog, and she will like this photo.

And I can go on a sewing spree without a Farbenmix pattern thrown in. It's Imke again. And our favourite Little Devils embroidery by Jolijou.
Spring/summer Imke

I'm happy to say that all shirts fit Will. He likes them all, and I didn't buy any fabric to make them! Woohooo for stash busting!