Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surry Hills Shopping

Every so often I go out shopping with a friend of mine. We usually have an agenda like checking out some new places or hunting down something. My friend wanted to see some interior design/homewares shops in Surry Hills.

I wanted to go to The Fabric Store. I'd been wanting some merino knit to make some tops for the kids. Will had a couple of tops from Eureka which were really great, but I didn't want to pay NZ$80 for a hoodie that I could easily sew myself. The Fabric Store's website says they stock merino wool knits, and they do! There weren't all colours of the rainbow, but there was a nice assortment of colours. They were $28-$36/m which I thought was reasonable.

The stripe knit was only $10/m. It's a cotton/spandex.

Now what pattern do I use? Farbenmix Imke or do I look through all of my Ottobre Design magazines?

Since we were in Surry Hills, I took the opportunity to pop into Chef's Warehouse.
important stuff

I think I see some baking in my future. Probably something chocolaty!


Tanya said...

ooh, I like the look of that chefs warehouse!

Kirrilee Heartman said...

Next time...count me in for Vanilla too! I buy a $6 bottle a week that has hardly anything in it! XX